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The Unico System

Stand: K180

The Unico System is a simple solution offering instant heating, cooling and ventilation with improved air quality for your well-being.  It is a central air distribution system made up of small ducts that mix and deliver conditioned air into your living space. 

Unico can offer a total Indoor Air Quality solution featuring UV light and Air filtration, reducing airborne odours, allergens, dust, germs, mould and bacteria from within your home.

There are many other benefits to installing the Unico system, including:

  • Each installation is uniquely designed and built to fit the specifications of your home.  Our modular system gives you options for heating, cooling, ventilation or all three
  • Flexible floor, wall and ceiling outlets to suit your interior design requirements
  • Compatibility with renewable technologies and traditional heating systems
  • Removal of 30% more humidity allowing you to keep your thermostat at one or two degrees higher in the summer months to achieve the same level of comfort and efficiency - saving on energy costs
  • The air is delivered quietly and seamlessly with decibel levels down to a whisper

The Unico System was developed 35 years ago and has been installed in more than 500,000 homes in the USA.  Visit our website to see examples and case studies since our launch in the UK.


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