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Looking for improved reliability and efficiency, now is an ideal time to look at technologies such as deaerators and dirt separators to eliminate pesky problems that can be annoying, disruptive and costly, from noisy pipes and radiator cold spots to premature parts failure and system breakdowns. However, with a lack of awareness around the important role that air and dirt removal both play in maintaining a healthy heating system, Spirotech is here to help educate on the benefits and offer support in tackling this challenge.

To help remedy this, Better Heating has been created as a reliable source of information about what is happening inside a system that will help you understand why deaeration and dirt removal are being recommended by heating engineers.

The Better Heating website has been designed to appeal to consumers, with easy to understand language.  Through a series of short articles and a handy interactive hot spot diagram that shows the most common pain points, the Better Heating hub explains the impact that air and dirt can have, why they are present in a heating system in the first place, the consequences they can have, and how these issues should be treated.



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