London27 - 29 SEP 2024
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EWI Pro Insulation

Stand: F128




Unit 4 Bridgegate Business Park
HP19 8XN
United Kingdom

  • EWI Pro's self levelling floor compound is a type of material that is used to create a level surface on floors before installing floor coverings such as tiles, carpet, or hardwood flooring.
  • Premium basecoat is an important component of external wall insulation systems, as it ensures a strong and durable foundation for the insulation and finish layers.
  • Silicone render is a type of finishing material that is commonly used on the exterior walls of buildings.
  • The EWI-090 Monocouche Render is a high-performance cement-based, through-coloured scratch render. This decorative render has been designed with water-repellence, breathability, and durability in mind ...
  • Premium Basecoat is breathable, high strength and durable. EWI-225 is  EWIPro’s finest basecoat adhesive, and can be used for a range of solutions. For example, this product is ideal as a basecoat/adh ...
  • EWI-075 Silicone Render is one of our most popular Silicone Render products. This polymer modified, ready-to-use render is normally applied externally to produce a decorative finish on buildings. The ...
  • EWI Pro's video on how to install insulation, Adhesive and fixings as part of a series on how to install an EWI system. 
  • The EWI Pro training center is designed to provide comprehensive training and support for professionals involved in the installation and maintenance of EWI systems.
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