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Halcyan Water conditioners

Stand: H108

Lime-scale, in hard water areas, is revolting to look at, and very hard to clean. Limescale also significantly increases domestic energy costs (3mm scale = 30% more energy wasted) in hot water systems, increases maintenance and shortens equipment life.

Halcyan Water Conditioners are the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for the preventing and removing lime-scale. Proven for over 40 years, they use a unique alloy core to achieve excellent results, and unlike salt-based softeners, use no energy nor chemicals, have no ongoing costs or maintenance, and are guaranteed for 30 years.

Simple to install, taking up no extra space, Halcyan works as powerfully in retrofits as it does in new builds.

See our system first hand at the show and ask our friendly team any questions you have in person. Visit us and get clear on how easy it is to have energy saving, people-friendly hard water. 


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Halcyan Ltd
United Kingdom

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  • Looking for ways to achieve net zero in your new build or retrofit project? Learn the easy way to save money and energy with Halcyan.
  • Join us as Steve Griffin, Plumbing Technical Manager from MetroPlumb, shares his expert review of Halcyan Water Conditioners.
  • Welcome to Halcyan. The intelligent solution for your hard water, limescale problems.
  • Samantha Mant, CEO of Halcyan provides a very brief overview of the Halcyan system. 
  • Samantha Mant, CEO of Halcyan Water Conditioners runs through answers to the top 8 questions that customers ask about hard water treatment generally and the Halcyan system in particular. 
  • Halcyan customer shares her experience of the installation and performance of her Halcyan unit 7 years after its installed. 
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