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Fix-a -Floor

Stand: E100


Award winning Fix-A-Floor is'the perfect'solution to repair loose and hollow flooring without the need to remove or replace'Where more and more users are opting to repair loose flooring rather than replace it, this product is a life-saver and can save thousands of pounds as a viable option to completely removing and replacing the tiles! With the present cost of living crisis for many replacing an entire floor isn't an option particularly on newly laid tiles where there can be many different reasons as to why the floor has de-bonded especially on areas with underfloor heating.

As members of The Tile association, Fix-A-Floor won the Best Innovation Award 2023 and is now being recognised by tilin professionals and the entire Flooring industry as a proven way to reapir loose or hollow floor tiles without removing or replacing.

The key to the product's'effectiveness'is its combination of a very powerful and flexible adhesive with elastomeric properties, combined with an extremely low viscosity prior to curing. This means that it will flow under a tile completely filling the void underneath ensuring an end to wobbly and loose tiles ' which are obviously more prone to breaking, if not fixed down quickly. It is suitable for all types of tiles and substrates including those with underfloor heating, it is also an effective solution where anhydrite screeded tiles have de-bonded.


0121 270 8883


79 Blackford road
B90 4DA
United Kingdom

  • Fix-A-Floor 60 Second Demo Video

    24 Jan 2022 Fix-A-Floor UK
    How to repair Loose or Hollow tiles without the need to remove or replace them using Award winning Fix-A-Floor Extra Strength bonding adhesive winner of The Tile associations Best Innovation Award!
  • Winner of The Tile Associations Best Innovaton Award 2023! Fix-A-Floor Micro Syringe Injector kit for use on Narrow/Thin Grout Line areas.  
  • Applying Fix-A-Floor is easy but what's the differences between the standard tips, Micro Injector Kits or Syringes used to repair loose or hollow flooring?
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