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Arctic Cabins

Stand: F103

What is an Arctic Cabins™ BBQ hut?

Impressive sloping-walled wooden BBQ huts with the WOW factor! Complete with central BBQ grill and optional drinks bar extensions for all-year-round entertaining.

We design, manufacture and install our Arctic Cabins all over the UK, with our very own skilled team of employees, giving you a 'turn-key' project from start to finish. With different sizes of Arctic Cabins™ BBQ huts available (from 7m² to 25m²) you will effortlessly create a perfect, cosy, intimate and fun environment for your family and friends to enjoy. Join the likes of well-known chefs, gardeners, TV presenters and royalty who are proud owners of one of our outdoor Grillikota BBQ Huts.


0115 932 8888


Soloman Road
United Kingdom

  • Our Arctic Bar is becoming our most popular garden addition. With over 13 square meters of space you will effortlessly seat 9 people on the benches and others at the Arctic Cabins Garden Bar.
  • Introducing the 7m² BBQ Cabin. All our Arctic Barbecue Cabins are manufactured by hand, using traditional methods and top grade timber in the UK. The quality of our buildings is unequalled anywhere el ...
  • Introducing our 10m² medium BBQ Cabin. With 10 square meters of space it will effortlessly seat 15 people in your cabin. Create a cosy, intimate, fun environment for friends and family. Our cabins not ...
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