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Kingscourt Brick

Stand: E129

The Kingscourt Brick is one of Irelands best kept secrets. For over 100 years the craft of brickmaking has been passed down from father to son, over time  a range of different brick types, each with their own individual characteristics, has evolved, to provide choice to the home builder, that will enhance the aesthetic appearance of any property, with a wide choice of colours and texture to satisfy  your individual requirements  

Made from locally sourced keuper marl clay, found in county Cavan, Kingscourt Bricks are now being widely used across the UK, and are helping create wonderful places to live,

We’ve created our range to let you be as flexible as possible, with your requirements, however we will even go Further and blend together different brick types to create truly unique bricks, to meet your specific requirement.

And like every brick we make, each one’s the product of our care, dedication and dexterity.


Kingscourt Brick
Co. Cavan

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