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Harlequin Manufacturing

Stand: G180

Harlequin is a leading UK manufacturer of innovative polyethylene storage tanks and systems with 40 years experience. It has developed a diverse and innovative product range including wastewater treatment systems, pump stations, heating oil tanks, diesel tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, hot water storage tanks and a range of other products. Exceptional customer service is at heart of Harlequin’s business, supplying quality products within a trusted and professional service. The company has a number of internationally recognised management system certifications including ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Harlequin is a member of OFTEC, the British Water Association and the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC).


028 9261 1077


21 Clarehill Road Moira
Co.Armagh Northern Ireland
BT67 0PB
United Kingdom

  • Pump Stations

    25 Jan 2022
    Wondering if there is a simple way to transfer wastewater from your property to the nearby mains sewer? A pump station is what you need.
  • CAP6

    25 Jan 2022
    Looking for a simple and compact sewage treatment plant to treat wastewater from your property before safely being discharged into a watercourse? CAP6 could be the perfect the solution. 
  • HydroClear 6

    25 Jan 2022
    Need a long-lasting solution to treat wastewater from your property? With a life expectancy of 20 years, the HydroClear 6 (HC6) can give you absolute peace of mind. 
  • HydroClear9

    25 Jan 2022 Lakshmi Vishwanath
    Easy installation, super quiet operation, low maintenance costs, reliable bio media system and durability make the HydroClear 9 (HC9), ideal for sewage treatment requirements of a 7-bedroom house. 
  • HydroClear6

    25 Jan 2022 Lakshmi Vishwanath
    Looking for a solution to treat wastewater from your 4-bedroom house before it can be safely discharged into a river, stream or drainage field? HydroClear 6 (HC6) could be the right fit. 
  • We are Harlequin?

    25 Jan 2022 Lakshmi Vishwanath
    We have been around for 40 years. But what makes a family-owned business like Harlequin tick?   Watch this video to find out.
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