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Halcyan Water Conditioners

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Lime-scale, in hard water areas, is the problem. Disgusting to look at, and hard to clean, it also creates huge losses in energy efficiency for hot water production, increases maintenance costs for boilers and white goods and shortens their life. But the minerals in hard water are also really healthy for you, so we want to keep them but create 'nicely behaved' water.

Halcyan Water Conditioners are the most cost effective and long-term sustainable solution to prevent and remove lime-scale. Due to their powerful effect on the minerals in the water, they also deliver many of the personal benefits of softer water. 

A proven technology, they use a unique alloy core to achieve excellent results, and unlike salt based softeners, with no use of any energy or chemicals, no ongoing costs or maintenance, and they’re guaranteed for 30 years. 

Quick and simple to install, Halcyan work as powerfully in retrofit, as in new build systems. Halcyan’s are installed in commercial, healthcare and hospitality systems worldwide, as well as thousands of homes across the UK.

Fit Halcyan and enjoy scale-free systems and gentler, scale free water.


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Halcyan Ltd
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  • Samantha Mant, CEO of Halcyan provides a very brief overview of the Halcyan system. 
  • Samantha Mant, CEO of Halcyan Water Conditioners runs through answers to the top 8 questions that customers ask about hard water treatment generally and the Halcyan system in particular. 
  • Halcyan customer shares her experience of the installation and performance of her Halcyan unit 7 years after its installed. 
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