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Stand: E162

Fix-A-Floor is an Extra Strength Bonding Adhesive customised for the specific use of Re-Bonding loose and hollow tile, marble, stone & squeaky wood floors without the headache and mess of removing or replacing them. Used by professionals for years, its simple and easy to use and even works on flooring with underfloor heating.  Fix-A-Floor can save thousands of pounds in repair or replacement of loose or hollow flooring and can be used by anyone able use a drill and caulking gun! - Simply Drill, and Fill! 







79 Blackford road
B90 4DA
United Kingdom

  • Fix-A-Floor 60ml Syringe Kit for areas with thin grout-lines. Comes with 1.5″ flat stainless steel tip, Plastic applicator and cap to seal and preserve any unused adhesive   Ideal For use with Fix-A-F ...
  • Fix-A-Floor Extra Strength Bonding Adhesive for Loose and Hollow Tile Repair & is suitable for tile, marble, porcelain, stone or wooden floors. It even works on surfaces with underfloor heating. Fix-A ...
  • Fix-A-Floor 60 Second Demo Video

    24 Jan 2022 Fix-A-Floor UK
    Loose or Hollow Floor tiles? No problem! Just Drill & Fill! How to repair Loose or Hollow floor tiles without removing or replacing them!  With Fix-A-Floor you simply drill 4 holes in the grout-line a ...
  • Fix-A-Floor being used on a Tile Floor

    24 Jan 2022 Fix-A-Floor UK
    Demonstration of Fix-A-Floor being used on a loose Tile floor
  • Fix-A-Floor being used on wood Flooring

    24 Jan 2022 Fix-A-Floor
    Demonstration of Fix-A-Floor being used on wooden Flooring
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