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Situated at the West Coast of Denmark, we have, developed and produced high quality timber windows and doors for over 60 years, that can withstand the changing and demanding Nordic climate. VROGUM are a niche company, supplying to customers with high specification projects, in respect of design, durability, low maintenance, burglary resistance, soundproof, customisation, etc.

We sell our products all over Europe, under these 3 trademarks:

Vrogum Classic

– Wooden casement windows with unique design and construction

The windows and doors in the Vrogum Classic product line are characterised by slim profiles and narrow glazing bars, and a unique construction, where the glass is fitted from the inside with a silicone sealer on the outside. This construction gives numerous advantages, like considerable longer durability and a outside surface which is 100 % water tight.

The Vrogum Classic product line include both windows, entrance doors, sliding doors, bi-folding doors and secondary glazing windows. The models are all updated to match present and future requirements regarding insulation, wind- and water tightness, burglary proof, etc.


– Innovative sliding sash window

Due to special hardware developed and patented by VROGUM, the sliding sash window is now as efficient as a casement window. It complies with modern requirements for heat insulation and sound reduction as well as being draught and theft proof, and all without compromising the look of a traditional box sash window.


– The new generation of wooden windows

The external face of the Svarre window is all glass, covering the well-engineered timber work and presenting a seamless flat, shiny surface. As an architectural element it is simple and stylish, working well individually or as linked units and in direct contrast to finishes like stone, timber, brick and plaster. Watch this video for more information


In close cooperation with selected dealers situated locally on the market, we work with architects, developers and self-builders, and our mission is to help our customers finding the perfect window and door solution for each specific project.

At VROGUM flexibility is a core value, and it’s an integrated part of our daily work to deal with different kinds of customisation within all 3 basic product lines.

Why wood

We always use slow growing pine wood from sustainable forests in Northern Scandinavia, because the long winters and short summers give the trees it’s close growth rings, strength and hardness. The specific timber dimensions we use for our windows and doors, are supplied from FSC certified factories.

CE marking

All products are produced and sold in compliance with EU legislation for CE marking.

At the NEC, Homebuilding and Renovations Show 2018, we are represented by Enlightened Windows, Stand no. C111.


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