London27 - 29 SEP 2024
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Lightwave Smart Lighting

Lightwave Technology Ltd Stand: E204

Lightwave Smart Dimmers can be installed in place of a standard light switch or dimmer without extra wiring and controlled remotely using the Lightwave App and Link Plus hub. Each Smart Dimmer can also be voice-controlled using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri through the Apple HomeKit platform.

Lightwave’s Smart Dimmers are home automation controllers, which are engineered to act as part of a lighting circuit and designed to replace existing light switches. Lightwave's automations are simple to create using the Lightwave App, and offer a professional level of smart home automation possibilities. These clever automations include timers, scene lighting, zone control and the ability to create a wireless master switch for any number of Lightwave devices within a property. Smart Dimmers also report energy consumption from each individual gang, which can be viewed graphically in the App as daily and hourly consumption reports.

Two-way communication allows stateful, bi-directional conversation between the Link Plus hub and every Lightwave device within a property. Performance and reliability is assured by Lightwave’s proprietary 868MHz RF protocol which out-performs normal WiFi and offers superior range with less interference.

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