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TermoRasante AeroGel - AeroGel/lime Insulation


This multi-award-winning product fills a market need for improving the existing thermal insulation of old or listed buildings, without adding significant thickness.

The MGN TermoRasante - AeroGel Thermal Lime Plaster is a green and building friendly insulation product. It combines the best from traditional Venetian lime plastering with the most efficient thermal insulation technology: The AeroGel.


The innovation lies in exploiting two key thermo physical properties of the main ingredients:

1.              The very low thermal conductivity of the material itself, AeroGel being the lightest solid and best insulator on Earth,

2.              The material itself (without foil) is a highly efficient radiant barrier, which means it reflects thermal radiation back into the room.


The result is a breathable lime plaster with an unbelievable thermal performance.

Expressing its thermal insulating characteristics in practical terms: 10mm thickness of the ThermoRasante MGN – AeroGel Thermal Lime Plaster is the equivalent of a 1 inch insulated plasterboard.


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