London27 - 29 SEP 2024
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Smart Lighting & Shades

Jooced Stand: E172

Intelligent Lighting Control

What Is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting is creating a designed atmosphere by layering different light sources such as Wall, ceiling or spot lights. Giving you the freedom to adjust the mood and light levels to how you desire. 

Home Automation Intergration

Integrated with our home automation technology, we can programme different lighting scenes for different moods. Close the curtains or dim the lights, from your mobile phone or our variety of different interfaces. Whilst at the office, or on the beach, our systems offer you comfort and security.

Our Approach

We create a professionally designed lighting layout, detailing every room and interface. We are Lutron and Control4 platinum dealers. Meaning we design, supply, install and maintain every aspect of our projects. 

Custom Interfaces

We offer a variety of different interfaces, with an unlimited option of finishes, textures, and colours. We never compromise on design, we only add to it. 

Shading And Blinds

Automate simple tasks such as having your blinds open at certain times of the day or close when you leave your home. All integrated with the rest of the systems in your home, press play and watch your favourite film in darkness.

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