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Setting the Mood

Install Automation Stand: B123
  • Setting the Mood
  • Setting the Mood
  • Setting the Mood
Setting the Mood Setting the Mood Setting the Mood

Lighting control has to be one of the number one requirements for the modern home, not only does it allow you to easily switch off everything from one button when leaving the property or settling down at night it also facilitates moods and scenes that can transform your living space.

Imagine the kitchen family dining area, at a single button press or audio command it could move from a cooking scene that has the room ablaze to a romantic dining setting with a corner table lamp lightly illuminated and the dining table light feature set at an inviting 20% of illumination.

Lights are no longer lights but vehicles towards setting the mood for the task being carried out whether it’s reading a book or watching TV, now the home is tailored to you.

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