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15 Mar 2024

M-TEC Heat Pumps

M-TEC Heat Pumps UK Stand: E101
  • M-TEC Heat Pumps
  • M-TEC Heat Pumps
  • M-TEC Heat Pumps
M-TEC Heat Pumps M-TEC Heat Pumps M-TEC Heat Pumps

M-TEC Offer a wide selection of highly efficient Heat Pumps, from our WPS26 mini which is small and compact (just 612x610x450mm in size) and delivers SCOPs of 5+, to our WPLK618 which provides outputs of 18kW in 230v and still provides SCOPs of 5+, not to mention our WPS ground source unit which has outputs up to 52kW and can provide SCOPs of 7+.

The range of units is fantastic and all of these highly efficient units come with the online platform as standard with email alerts, full colour touchscreen display, offers intergration with Loxone, can provide real life running SCOP figures for CH, HW and total as well as many other features.

Our WPS26 is also available as a PVT option, as is our WPS, these units can provide hugely efficient systems given the "Source" for heat intake is the Solar PVT panel on the roof. This also means you can generate electricity from the PVT panel and negates the requirement for costly bore holes.

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