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19 Mar 2022

H2o9 'The Favourite'

Halcyan Water conditioners Stand: H108
  • H2o9 'The Favourite'
  • H2o9 'The Favourite'
  • H2o9 'The Favourite'
H2o9 'The Favourite' H2o9 'The Favourite' H2o9 'The Favourite'

Halcyan water conditioners prevent the accumulation of limescale, remove existing scale and provide many of the benefits of soft water. Halcyan units require no salts, no chemicals, no power, the simply temporarily change the structure of the minerals that create limescale so that while they are passing through your home they cannot bond to your surfaces and build up into crusty layers. Halcyan units will protect your boiler, taps, shower heads, thermostatic valves and all other parts of your water system from the ravages of limescale. This means you can save money by saving energy, ensure your expensive white goods last longer and enjoy softer, gentler water where you'll need less detergent. Each Halcyan unit comes with a 30 year warranty so once fitted, you can completely forget that limescale was ever a problem. 

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