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01 Mar 2022

Fix-A-Floor 60ml Syringe Kit with flat stainless steel needle

Fix-a -Floor Stand: E100

Fix-A-Floor 60ml Syringe Kit for areas with thin grout-lines. Comes with 1.5″ flat stainless steel tip, Plastic applicator and cap to seal and preserve any unused adhesive


Ideal For use with Fix-A-Floor on areas with thin grout lines less than 2-3mm and perfect for wood flooring where apllication with a caulking gun isn’t possible.


Kit consists of


1 x 60ml Fix-A-Floor Syringe

1 x 1.5″ Steel flat end Needle

1 x Plastic Applicator

1 x Orange cap – Helps to seal and preserve any unused Fix-A-Floor in the syringe whilst not in use

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