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Engineered Oak Flooring

White Hall Flagstones Stand: D179
  • Engineered Oak Flooring
  • Engineered Oak Flooring
  • Engineered Oak Flooring
Engineered Oak Flooring Engineered Oak Flooring Engineered Oak Flooring

White Hall Flagstones stock a wide range of natural, high quality engineered oak flooring that is easy to install and maintain. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional mutli width oak floor,r a more contemporary single width enginnered oak floor or even large and small herringbone wooden flooring we have something to suit every property type. 

Single Width Engineered Oak

Our single width engineered oak is a character grade selection. This means you will have some variation in the colour of the oak, and also a mix of clean unblemished boards and knotty boards. We think this best represents the character you would expect in an oak floor. We do not include the overly rustic boards which contain the large knots (3-4cm in diameter) with splits, as we feel this diminishes the quality of the oak.

At White Hall we offer engineered oak in two different depths, this can be useful for building regulations when fitting flooring over joists, but also means you can choose a thicker solid oak layer that means you can change the colour of your oak floor in the future to suit the fashion or personal tastes.

150mm x 21mm  
190mm x 21mm
220mm x 21mm  
260mm x 21mm  

150mm x 15mm 
190mm x 15mm
220mm x 15mm 

Multi Width Engineered Oak 

The mixture of sizes of the oak boards, creates a floor similar to what would have been laid 2-500 years ago. The sizes vary as the planks were cut through from the outer part of the trunk, to the inner/heart part of the trunk. This type of floor has no repetition in it because of the mixture of sizes, so will give a more classical or timeless look.

150/190/220mm x 21mm  
190/220/260mm x 21mm 
150/190/220mm x 15mm

Herringbone Engineered Oak 

White Hall Flagstones offer two sizes of herringbone pattern engineered oak: 

400mm x 90mm x 15mm  
600mm x 120mm x 15mm

Natural Unfinished Engineered Oak Vs Pre Finished oak

At White Hall, the majority of our customers opt for an unfinished engineered oak floor because it enables you to choose any colour tone and apply a hard wax oil. The use of an oil rather than a factory varnish means your wooden floor will be conditioned, won't chip, scratch or fade and you can change the colour in the future. We do offer some pre finished engineered oak, however due to the way these are manufactured they can age with the fashion, speak to our specialists at the show to learn more. 

All our Engineered Oak, Limestone and Sandstone interior and exterior flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating. 

If you need any help or advice to create your perfect oak floor please see us at the show, give us a call on 01432 870 855 or use the Contact Form on our website


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