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Discover Enado - Smart Home Control

Install Automation Stand: B123
  • Discover Enado - Smart Home Control
  • Discover Enado - Smart Home Control
  • Discover Enado - Smart Home Control
Discover Enado - Smart Home Control Discover Enado - Smart Home Control Discover Enado - Smart Home Control


Enado is a game changer in home automation, with its advanced functionality, affordability and easy configuration by you or a preferred partner.

Instead of endless remotes and many complicated systems, you can control your home from anywhere on any device with the Enado hub of the future.


With Enado’s state-of-the-art home automation, you don’t have to be a specialist to use the systems in your home. Whether it’s your TV, sound bar, lighting controls or security, our game-changing technology allows one button or voice command to set up an entire room; just saying “TV on”, could automatically power up the TV, switch on your surround sound system, select the cable/satellite box and preferred channel and even lighting mood. It’s AI in the home.

Seamless, simple control that anyone can use


Nothing beats relaxing in a comfortable, warm home after a long-day at work. With Enado’s state-of-the-art secure tunnel access, you can safely control your home from anywhere in the world. You can even control Enado via a Tesla web interface – or any web-compatible vehicle – to turn on the lights, open the gates and perform any pre-programmed function, all from the safety of your car.

Perfect to get everything cosy before you get home.


There’s no need for the complexity and expense of traditional control systems with high maintenance costs. Enado’s cutting-edge home automation technology provides a single, low-cost controller able to handle a home of any size. It even works with older systems, so say goodbye to constant and expensive upgrades.



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